This info is intended for Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Section 10 Police Services Boards (PSBs). 

As presented last week at the OAPSB Spring Conference, the OPP, in response to the OAGO VFM Audit recommendations 5.2 and 5.3, is developing an enhanced performance reporting tool and associated metrics/indicators that:

  • directly supports the frontline in cultivating and preserving trusted and transparent relationships with its communities and governance stakeholders including PSBs;
  • demonstrates the adequate and effective delivery of policing services; and
  • supports PSBs in determining objectives and priorities for the delivery of policing services in their communities.

As part of the development of the enhanced tool, an electronic survey has been developed to gather stakeholder input on what metrics/information would be of value in supporting the development of goals and objectives and decision making. Our goal is to standardize the metrics/information reported and, where necessary, expand the scope of information provided to PSBs.

Attached, is a .pdf copy of the survey questions that can be shared with board members as you compile your responses.  Only one survey is to be submitted per PSB that represents collective input from all board members.  Survey responses must be submitted electronically to support analysis. 

The link to the survey is here

Kindly submit responses by June 30th, 2022. The survey will close after this date and the link will no longer be active.

Please direct any questions or concerns to Linda Davis (705 330-6195 or Rychelle Morrison (705 826-0948