About Us

Ontario Association of Police Services Board



To equip Police Service Boards to govern effectively by providing advocacy, expertise, and training.


That all police boards are fully trained and high preforming in accordance with the legislation.

Introduction to Police Governance:

The Ontario Association of Police Services Boards (OAPSB) is the leading voice of police governance in Ontario. We serve our members and stakeholders, as well as the general public, by:

  • helping local police services boards fulfill their legislated responsibilities by providing training and networking opportunities and facilitating the transfer of knowledge;
  • advocating for improvements in public safety laws and regulations, practices and funding mechanisms.

Our membership includes police services board members, police and law enforcement officials, and other persons involved in policing and public safety.

Executive Director Fred Kaustinen on Governance on Police Operations. Please watch this five minute  Vignette

Police Services Boards govern police within their jurisdictions primarily by:

  • establishing priorities, objectives and policies for police services in their community; and monitoring performance of their police service and its leader.

This is an extremely exciting time in policing and police governance in Ontario, with many reforms in the works.