Wallace Award

Colonel Wallace Award

Initiated by the Municipal Police Authorities in 1983, the Colonel Wallace Award is presented annually to the Ontario Police College (OPC) recruit who was most proficient in academic achievement. The recipient of the award receives a personalized plaque commemorating their achievements, and a modest stipend. A second plaque, with the winners named inscribed, is kept at OPC.

A native of Pembroke, Colonel A.A. (Art) Wallace served on the OAPSB Board of Directors from 1973 to 1982, and was President of the Association in 1976-77. Colonel Wallace had a long and distinguished military career including service in WWII with the Lanark & Renfrew Scottish Regiment. On retirement from the militia in 1958, he entered municipal politics and was a Pembroke councilor from 1948 to 1957 and Mayor for two years.

Award Recipients

2019 Cst. Stephen J.R. Irvine of the Ottawa Police Service
2018 Cst. Calvin J. Barfitt of the York Regional Police
2017 Cst. Marshal Hutchinson, Ontario Provincial Police 
2016 Cst. Jessie Rizzoli, Peel Regional Police
2013 Cst. Andrew Markle, Ontario Provincial Police
2012 Cst. Joel A. Cox, York Regional Police Service
2011 Cst. Jacob Braun, Niagara Police Service
2010 Cst. Kulvinder Mann, Toronto Police Service
2009 Cst. Craig Nigh, Guelph Police Service
2008 Cst. Bradley Olsen, Ontario Provincial Police
2007 Cst. Karl Gerulath, Peel Regional Police
2006 Cst. Jason Boutcher, Waterloo Regional Police Service
2005 Cst. Patrick Costello, Toronto Police Service
2004 Cst. Christopher Coene, Ontario Provincial Police
2003 Cst. Mark Minami, Toronto Police Service
2002 Cst. Brent A. Thompson, Ontario Provincial Police
2000 Cst. Ronald H. Smith, Ontario Provincial Police
1999 Cst. Craig Fyfe, Niagara Regional Police
1997 Cst. Craig Tourangeau, Toronto Police
1996 Cst. Barry Easton, Durham Regional Police
1995 Cst. Sandra Loos, Ontario Provincial Police
1994 Cst. Steven R. Thompson, Ontario Provincial Police
1993 Cst. Miles F. Hatcher, Ontario Provincial Police
1992 Cst. Sean P. Sparling, Sault Ste. Marie Police
1991 Cst. Christopher T. Burton, Peel Regional
1990 Cst. James T. Gow, Waterloo Regional Police
1989 Cst. Gilbert Medve, Ontario Provincial Police
1988 Cst. David Bishop, Waterloo Regional Police
1987 Cst. Stephen Mendyk, Peel Regional Police
1986 Cst. Todd Zimmerman, Sudbury Regional
1985 Cst. Romano Calvano, Peel Regional Police
1984 Cst. Michael Sanford, Gloucester Police