OAPSB is developing our Strategic Plan for 2023-2025. 

Training is one of our key priorities for 2022-2023 and beyond.

We wait collectively for the remaining regulations to be developed under the Community Safety & Policing Act to finalize the training content.  As more information is provided, for the remainder of 2022 and into next year we will be working on solidifying an electronic training platform and additional educational opportunities and mediums to support adult learning and prepare for your legislative responsibilities under the community safety & policing act. 
We are looking for your input on what you believe are our top priorities for the next three years. Your Board of Directors will be meeting in the first part of July to begin the strategic planning process.  If it is possible to have your responses back by the first week of July, it would be greatly appreciated. 
If you are unable to return by that time, we ask that you please send your responses at your earliest convenience so that we can incorporate any pertinent information you provide.
We are asking for ONE response per police services board.

Click here to access the Survey – https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/BCW7THD

Lisa Darling 
Executive Director, OAPSB