(Sudbury, ON) – Police Services Board Chair Al Sizer is pleased to announce that Mr. Shawn Poland has been appointed to the Board effective May 26, 2023. In accordance with section 27 of the Police Services Act, Mr. Poland has been appointed as a member of the Greater Sudbury Police Services Board for a three-year period by Order in Council. After a thorough selection process by the Ministry of the Solicitor General, Shawn was selected to fill one of the provincial seats previously held by Ms. Lise Poratto-Mason and Mr. Richard Bois, whose terms expired earlier this year. Krista Fortier of Fortier Law Firm was selected to fill the first of those seats earlier this year in May.

Shawn is currently Vice President External Partnerships and Strategic Enrolment at Cambrian College where he oversees recruitment, marketing, communications, and economic development. He has been a competitive coach and volunteer in the community for over 30 years, supporting many organizations including Laurentian University, the Greater Sudbury Soccer Club, and Kivi Park. Along with his new position on the Police Services Board, he is a current board member of the Greater Sudbury Development Corporation (GSDC) and has served on the Trillium Foundation Grant Review Team. He is a past member of the Laurentian University Board of Governors, and Past Chair of the Laurentian University Alumni Association, among others.

“I feel incredibly privileged to take on this position with the Greater Sudbury Police Services Board. I am eager to step into this dynamic governance role in our community and help continue the important work of the Board and Service in Sudbury,” said Poland.

Chair Sizer welcomes member Poland on behalf of the Board. “The Board is very proud to have Mr. Poland join the Board. His role in partnerships and enrollment at Cambrian, as well as his work leading the Cambrian Foundation and with other community foundations give him a unique perspective as a Board member and will bring a fresh viewpoint to the Board.”

He added, “I am happy that the Board again has a full complement to ensure that we are bringing a wide perspective to our citizen-based governance role with the Service.”

Chief Pedersen echoed the Board’s feelings around Shawn’s appointment to Police Services Board. “On behalf of the entire organization we welcome Mr. Poland and are excited to move forward in our work during his appointment with the Board.”

Both Chair Sizer and Chief Pedersen acknowledge and thank Ms. Poratto-Mason and Mr. Bois for the expert advice, dedication, and for embodying the Board and Service’s values of respect, inclusivity, courage, and honesty during their terms with the Board.

The Greater Sudbury Police Services Board has five Members: two Provincial appointees, two City Council appointees, and one Citizen Member as appointed by Council. Municipal appointees serve four-year terms in line with the term of City Council. Provincial appointees are chosen for three-year terms by the Ministry of the Solicitor General. Along with Shawn Poland and Chair Al Sizer, the Board’s current members are Mayor Paul Lefebvre, Gerry Lougheed Jr., and Krista Fortier.

About: The Greater Sudbury Police Services Board is a five-member civilian Board that governs the Greater Sudbury Police Service. Under the Police Services Act, the Board is responsible for providing adequate and effective police services to over 166,000 Greater Sudbury residents.

Coun. Al Sizer, Chair
Mayor Paul Lefebvre, Member
Gerry Lougheed Jr., Member
Krista Fortier, Member
Shawn Poland, Member


Matthew Gatien
Board Administrator
705-675-9171 x 5750

Al Sizer