Mandatory Roles and Responsibilities Training  

Municipal Police Service Boards

Each board should have received a communication from the ministry/OPC.  

Each Board will have to supply your training contact(s) and each member of your board with contact information. If you have not received a communication, please let us know. We have attached the communication below. Even if you have not received it directly, please complete the attached document and return it to OPC.  We are asking that you cc training@oapsb.cawhen you send it back to OPC.  

If you have already sent your form in, please forward a copy to at your earliest convenience. 

After receiving, each member will receive an individual login to complete the training.  

The Roles and Responsibilities Mandatory training is the only requirement to be a voting/active member of your police services board.  Completion of the training as soon as possible is recommended, but at a minimum it should be completed prior to your first meeting after April 1st.  It should take less than two hours to complete, and you will have a companion document to keep. OPC will be notifying your training contact of completion of members, but in the event it is delayed, we are recommending that you print/save a copy of your certificate and forward it to your chair.  This will confirm your completion of the training at your first meeting.

The mandatory Thematic Training (originally required to have completed by September 30th, 2024) release has been delayed.  Once that training is available to be completed, each member will have six months from that date to complete.  We will provide updates on this as they become available. 

OPP Detachment Boards

OPP Detachment Board training is expected to be released after April first. Some boards received the attached communication (intended for municipal boards) in error. Even though you may have received this request prematurely, we are recommending that you fill out the document and have it ready for when OPC reaches out for your information. Please do not forward now, as I am concerned that you may receive a link to the wrong training (training for municipal boards). We will continue to update you as information becomes available.   When you are asked to return the form, we are asking that you cc when you send it back to OPC.  

We are recommending that you set your first meeting for you new Detachment Board(s) later in April or May, to ensure that you have all members appointed and trained prior to your first meeting.  You know your situation best. We have some boards that are almost ready and others that are just getting started in the process.  Set your first meeting based on a realistic time for you to have quorum and your training completed.  We are here to help you if you need advice or support during the process. 

First Nations Boards

Similarly to OPP Detachment Boards, we are expecting your mandatory training to be released after April 1st. Please consider setting your first meeting after April 1st until later in the month or into May, to allow you to complete your member appointments and complete the mandatory training prior to your first meeting.  We are here to help you if you need advice or support during the process. 

The attached form (sent to municipal boards) will be sent to your board at a later date to complete. We are recommending that you complete the attached excel form, but don’t send to OPC until they request it (to ensure you receive the correct training modules). We will continue to provide information as we receive it. When you do return your form to OPC, we are asking that you cc it to us at


Provincial Appointments 

As previously communicated the Municipal PSB provincial appointments will continue into the CSPA.

OPP Detachment Boards and First Nations Boards will be notified of their appointments after April 1st, 2024.

Recently some OPP Section 10 Board provincial appointees received 6-month extensions.*These extensions expire on April 1st 2024*.  The day the CSPA comes into force. 

These extensions were provided in the event that that CSPA in-force date was delayed. We have confirmation that the in-force date is not going to be delayed and will be April 1st, 2024. 


Transition Committees 

Primarily for Detachment Boards undergoing significant structural changes.

The formation of a transition committee is a local decision.  We are recommending consideration of forming a committee of previous board members under your section 10 boards along with other community representatives and staff as required, to assist your new Detachment Board with the transition to the CSPA.  These transition boards are not legislated and can not make decisions on behalf of the Detachment Board. (unless the quorum of the detachment board is part of the committee).  We will be providing further information on transition committees during our Q&As.

Discussion Groups (Q&As) March and April

A reminder that we will be hosting Q&A sessions for the remainder of March and April on Thursdays for Municipal, First Nation(s) and OPP Detachment Boards.  These sessions are being recorded and will be posted on the website. The Q&As from these sessions will be posted to our website and to our App under Member Help area.


Resource Library

We are fortunate that our member boards have been gracious to share some of their documents for you to review and to assist you in your roles and responsibilities.  

Thank you to those who have sent in your documents to support your fellow boards!  Please continue to forward any documents you believe will assist your fellow boards in the creation of their policies and protocols. 

We are currently updating our Resource Library. 

Please watch for a communication next week on the resources available. If you are looking for something in particular please request via email through the Member Help Area on our App and we will respond to your requests.

Resources that will be available next week under the members portal under Membership Information/Education and Training/Resource Library include: 

  • Draft Comparison document from PSA to CSPA  – responsibilities of boards and policy changes and requirements.
  • Terms of Reference (Detachment Board)
  • Community Appointment application and accompanying competency document
  • Chief of Police Evaluation Templates