Prior to all members appointment to a Detachment Board, a Police Record Check needs to be completed and provided to the appointing body. The Provincial appointees Police Record Check is being handled by the province.

All other members that have been identified to be appointed to the Detachment board (Municipal, Community and First Nations appointments) are required to submit for a Police Record Check and provide the results of that check to the appointing body for review as part of the appointment process.

In order to reduce wait times and eliminate the payment required for the check, the OPP has provided a process unique to Detachment Board members and supporting board staff. Included in this communication is the instructions for applying for your Police Record Check and the accompanying document that must be uploaded with your check to remain on file with the OPP.

Please follow the instructions carefully.

Two crucial steps:
1. Please click YES to living in OPP Detachment area or you will not be able to
complete the check.
2. When you get to the Volunteer portion of the check You MUST put OPP
 when it asks you for your Detachment Name. DO NOT PUT YOUR
 name here or your check will be put into the bucket with all
individuals who have requested checks in your region.

For members that have submitted their application already without using OPP Project, please click on the Survey tab below and complete the questionnaire. 

We will capture these daily and send them to the OPP to pull out for processing.

Please click here to access the documents.