About London Police Service

The largest city and the regional hub of Southwest Ontario, the City of London offers an outstanding quality of life. With a population of over 500,000, London is Ontario’s fastest growing city and is forecasted for further growth as it continues to attract individuals and businesses to the flourishing community. As with many urban cities, London faces complex social issues, such as opioid addiction, mental health, homelessness, and poverty, many of which police are called on to assist. London Police Services has a net budget of $130.5 million and is composed of more than 900 uniformed and civilian staff. The strategic plan place priority on Our People – skilled and and ready to meet tomorrow’s needs; Our Community – being safe and feeling safe; Our Work – service excellence and fiscal responsibility.

The Deputy Chief Position

As a key member of our executive team, you will be one of three Deputy Chiefs of Police, bringing your extensive experience in both operational and administrative aspects of policing. Your role is pivotal in shaping the future of law enforcement within our community.

Key Responsibilities

  • Assist in leading the development and implementation of innovative strategies to address crime and safety issues.
  • Foster a positive, productive, and inclusive work environment, emphasizing the well-being of team members.
  • Act as a role model, embodying the values of the London Police Service through both actions and words.
  • Engage in strategic and cooperative efforts with community partners and stakeholders.
  • Uphold the highest standards of accountability and transparency in all aspects of the role.
  • Support the Chief of Police to implement the London Police Services Board’s strategic plan.

Skills and Attributes

  • Proven experience as a policing executive, with a diverse background in both operational and administrative roles.
  • Recognized as a team player who contributes to a collaborative work environment.
  • A strategic thinker with a track record of innovative problem-solving.
  • Committed to acting with integrity, humility, and inclusiveness, embodying these values daily.
  • Deep understanding of the challenges and complexities of modern policing.

What We Offer

  • An opportunity to be at the forefront of modern policing, influencing positive change in the community.
  • A dynamic, inclusive, and supportive workplace culture.
  • A role that values your expertise and encourages your professional growth.

How to Apply

Applications are encouraged immediately and should be submitted to Phelps by clicking here.

Please click here for the formal job posting.