The Durham Regional Police Services Board is pleased to announce that Toronto Police Service Superintendent Chris Kirkpatrick and former Acting Deputy Chief of the Toronto Police Service, Kim Yeandle, have been selected as the next Deputy Chiefs of Police of the Durham Regional Police Service. They will assume their new roles effective January 9, 2024.

“Deputy Chief Designates Kirkpatrick and Yeandle are exemplary leaders who will have a significant and positive impact on policing in Durham Region,” said the Chair of the Board, Shaun Collier. “They bring over six decades of policing experience, and we know that their knowledge and skills will help the DRPS address crime and safety issues and promote a positive, productive and inclusive workplace.”

The selection process was designed and executed to identify exceptional leaders to support Chief Moreira in continuing to build a modern, community-centric Police Service that earns the trust of the community. A thorough, national recruitment process was utilized to seek out the best candidates with aptitude in the areas of strategic thinking, community engagement, interpersonal skills, transformation and business acumen, and equity, diversion and inclusion. The Board was assisted throughout the process by an independent consultant, Waterhouse Executive.

“Supporting Chief Moreira and all members of the DRPS in pursuing policing excellence is a challenge that I will embrace passionately and deliberately,” stated Deputy Chief Designate Kirkpatrick. “Durham Region is experiencing tremendous growth and change I am eager to contribute my skills and knowledge to help keep our community as safe as possible.”

“I welcome this opportunity to assist Chief Moreira and the Board in building partnerships and earning the trust of the community,” said Deputy Chief Designate Yeandle. “My constant focus will be collaboration with the membership and the community as we strive to enhance engagement, transparency, and accountability in fostering a safer community.”

“I extend a very enthusiastic and sincere welcome to Deputy Chief Designate Kirkpatrick and Deputy Chief Designate Yeandle as members of the DRPS Command Team,” said Chief Moreira. “Both of these outstanding police leaders will play an immediate and pivotal role in helping the DRPS address the community safety challenges we are experiencing today and that will appear on the horizon tomorrow.”

Deputy Chief Designates Kirkpatrick and Yeandle will assist Chief Moreira in guiding the DRPS during this important period, and will help mentor and inspire the next generation of leaders within the DRPS.

The Board would also like to extend its appreciation to Interim Deputy Chief Joseph Maiorano, who will be retiring effective January 31, 2024. “Deputy Chief Maiorano has effectively served the community for 33 years as a police officer, and as our Interim Deputy for more than three years,” said Board Chair Collier. “We are grateful for the contributions he has made to the success of the DRPS for over three decades.”