Naming OPP Detachment Boards:

The OAPSB has been advised by the Ministry that they are supporting the local naming of your Detachment Board(s).

The name of your Detachment Board must represent the catchment area that the board is responsible for. For board with more than one municipality within the catchment area of your board, we are recommending that you include this name and description as to how it identifies your board’s catchment area in the Terms of Reference document with your municipalities.

Below is a copy of Ontario Regulation (O.Reg.) 135/24, to assist you in including the language used in the description column of the table to identify the catchment area of your board.

Our recommendation to Detachment Boards is to create a bylaw that states:

As outlined in Ontario Regulation 135/24, this board is an OPP Detachment Board in the ___(catchment)___ geographical area serviced by the _____ Detachment.

Until such time as the CSPA or O. Reg 135/24 is amended to reflect the name of our Detachment Board in the corresponding table within O. Reg 135/24, the Board will be operating as _____ Board.

This recommendation does not preclude you from seeking your own legal advice regarding the naming of your OPP Detachment Board(s).

Communication from the Office of the Solicitor General:

The Ministry is supportive of municipalities and First Nations passing local resolutions to establish a common name for their respective detachment boards for communication purposes. If communities choose to pass such resolutions, the name must include a geographic reference and “OPP Detachment Board” (e.g. GEORGRAPHIC REGION OPP Detachment Board). Additionally, when selecting a name, communities cannot use the term “police service board.”

To mitigate any potential confusion regarding which OPP detachment board is advising or being referred to (i.e., during meetings), communities should ensure clear and consistent communication connecting the name with the terms used in regulation and the Public Appointments Secretariat (PAS) website.

The Ministry encourages detachment boards to see their own legal advice regarding their ability to make by-laws regarding the name of their respective board.

OAPSB Drop In Sessions

The OAPSB is excited to announce that the discussion groups will be extended throughout the rest of summer. The schedule is as follows:

OPP Detachment Boards:

July 18, 2024: 12:00pm – 1:30pm
August 22, 2024: 6:00pm – 7:30pm

Municipal/First Nations Police Service Boards:

July 18, 2024: 6:00pm – 7:30pm
August 22, 2024: 12:00pm – 1:30pm

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