Barbara McLean

The Toronto Police Services Board congratulates Deputy Chief Barbara McLean, who was recently seconded as the Investigations Director for the Mass Casualty Commission, the Joint Federal/Provincial Inquiry into the April 2020 Nova Scotia Mass Casualty.  Deputy McLean is a vital leader and key influencer in both the strategy and implementation of Toronto Police Service’s modernization strategy, and has had a lifelong commitment to community and volunteerism, including significant outreach to and engagement with the LGBTQ2S community. Appointed as Deputy Chief in 2017, Deputy McLean has extensive experience and a proven track record in policing, public safety, community engagement, policy development, strategic planning, fiscal accountability, and leadership development.  She is a renowned mentor and passionate advocate within the Service, driving engagement, improved service delivery and strategic partnerships, as a principled and inspiring leader.  The Board thanks Deputy McLean for her excellent contributions to the Service, which have enabled it to move forward in the areas of modernization, culture change, and community engagement, among many others.  There is no doubt that her expertise will prove invaluable in the challenging and significant task she has been appointed to lead.

Shawna Coxon

The Toronto Police Services Board congratulates Deputy Chief Shawna Coxon on her appointment as the Deputy Commissioner for the An Garda Síochána, Ireland’s National Police and Security Service, where she will lead the organization’s modernization initiative.  A champion for transformation and modernization for the Toronto Police Service, who has led a number of successful enterprise-wide innovation projects, Deputy Coxon has played a pivotal role as a bright and innovative leader, committed to developing meaningful partnerships with communities.  Appointed as Deputy Chief in 2017, Deputy Coxon’s diverse career has included positions in vice, youth crime, child abuse, sex crimes, human rights, professional standards, community response, and intelligence analysis, consistently demonstrating a genuine commitment to a progressive, dynamic approach to policing.  The Board is grateful for the extraordinary contributions that Deputy Coxon has made to the Service, including helping to evolve culture, and its approach to community safety. The Board wishes her the very best as she pursues this extremely important opportunity as part of the global policing community. 

The Board congratulates both Deputy McLean and Deputy Coxon for these significant and prestigious appointments, a remarkable testament to their incredible leadership capabilities, and the high esteem with which they are held in the international law enforcement world.  Chair Jim Hart notes that “both of these inspiring senior leaders have played critical roles in the modernization of the Service, driving change, shifting culture and mentoring others within our organization to achieve excellence.  The impact of their important work has been extraordinary and will continue, as the Service moves forward with its modernization and police reform agenda.”

At this time, Chief James Ramer has appointed Deputy Peter Yuen to take over the Communities & Neighbourhoods Command pillar held by Deputy McLean. Deputy Coxon’s last day will be announced soon, as will information concerning the Human Resources Command pillar for which she is currently responsible.

The Toronto Police Services Board is the civilian body responsible for governing the Toronto Police Service. The Board is responsible for ensuring the provision of adequate and effective police services in the City of Toronto, setting priorities and objectives for the Toronto Police Service, approving the annual police budget and selecting the Chief of Police.