Substantial financial cost of drunk driving outlined in York Regional Police tweet

An impaired driver can expect a $13,000 “bill” for a one-way ride to the slammer.

That’s what one GTA police service ‘conservatively’ estimates will be the financial cost of an impaired driving charge.

York Regional Police — frustrated as the number of impaired charges continue to rise — has tweeted out the “bill” for anyone caught driving under the influence.

“A brutal bill you can expect after being arrested for impaired driving and a stay at L’Hotel York Regional Police #ReservationsNotRequired,” @YRP tweeted.

The $1,000 court fine is just the start, as impaired drivers could face legal fees of about $10,000 plus impound fees, ignition interlock program fees, mandatory Back On Track program fees, driver’s licence reinstatement fees and increased vehicle insurance premiums, police say.

YRP Const. Andy Pattenden said officers had hoped that drivers would have learned from the horrific Vaughan crash of 2015 that killed four members of the Neville-Lake family, including three children, and sent driver Marco Muzzo to prison for 10 years.

“We’ve been delivering this message in a variety of ways for years and years and years yet the number of charges that we’ve laid in York Region year after year continue to rise,” Pattenden said Thursday. “Maybe they see this nearly $13,000 in fees they may be looking at paying – and this is probably on the lighter side quite frankly – and maybe that will make them try to think ahead to what could happen and maybe change their behaviour.

“I don’t know what’s going to work because despite all of our efforts – and it’s not just us, it’s every police service across the country – people still make that choice to drink and drive,” he said.

The number of impaired charges laid by York Regional Police this year as of early December was 1,500, up from 1,255 in all of 2015 and 1,108 in 2014.

This is the third year running that the YRP has tried innovative messaging on social media to jolt people out of impaired driving.

Three years ago, the YRP posted a picture of one of their jail cells with a toilet.

The following year it did a video of their “accommodations.”

“This year is the receipt that you can expect to be paying for if you’re arrested and you’re going to spend the night with us,” Pattenden said.

Source: Toronto Sun