This is a follow up communication to the email you would have received on May 7th 2024, titled “Information on Insurance for OPP Detachment Boards.”

All OPP Detachment Boards require insurance. Many boards across the province who have been attempting to secure insurance have not been successful. The quotes for insurance have varied significantly across jurisdictions.

Finding a solution to this issue is a priority for the OAPSB.

The OAPSB is looking into options to streamline the process for Detachment Boards and reduce overall costs for insurance for our member OPP Detachment Boards.

As part of this process, we require some information regarding claims against your Section 10 Police Services Boards under the PSA.

Please contact the previous insurer of your board. If you were covered by a municipality, the Municipal Clerk, the risk manager or an in-house lawyer will be able to assist you in this request. If you were insured through a broker, they will be able to assist.

We would like to know the following:

  • All claims made against the municipality or the OPP which named the Section 10 Police Service Board as a defendant related to Board activity noting:
    • The type of claim (Automobile, Liability, Directors and Officers and/or Errors and Omissions, Cyber)
    • The date of loss
    • Deductible applied
    • The status of the claim (open or closed)
    • For open claims, please note the expenses paid to date
    • For closed claims, please note the total expenses
  • All claims made against the municipality or OPP which named the OPP Service Board as a defendant, regardless of the activity. For these claims, we are looking for the total number received in the last 10 years only.

To gather this information we have created a survey. If you have 0 or 1 claims you only need to fill out the survey once. If you have 2 or more claims then you will need to fill out the survey for each claim that you have received.

I know this is a fast turn around, but I am asking that you please respond by May 31, 2024.

This information is very important to our current efforts to secure insurance for all OPP Detachment Boards.

Thank you for your attention to this request.