Police Board to meet Thursday July 19, 2018

TORONTO: The next scheduled meeting of the Toronto Police Services Board will take place on Thursday June 19, 2018 at 1:00 PM in the Auditorium, 40 College Street. Copies of the agenda are available on the Board’s website at www.tpsb.ca, from the Board office and limited copies will be available at the meeting.

The Board meeting may be viewed via LiveStream on YouTube using the following link:

Those members of the public who would like to make a deputation to the Board regarding an item on the agenda should refer to the Notice for Making a Deputation at this link.

Items of interest include:


The Chair, Toronto Police Services Board, will administer the oath of office and oath of secrecy to Councillor Frances Nunziata who was appointed to the Board by Toronto City Council for a term ending November 30, 2018 and until a successor is appointed.

The Board will consider a report from the Chair regarding the process for reviewing the 2019 capital and operating budget estimates. The report includes recommendations that the Board establish a Budget Committee for the purpose of reviewing the 2019 capital and operating budget estimates and designate two Board members as members of the Budget Committee, one of whom will act as Budget Committee Chair, and that the Board adopt the schedule outlined in the report for its review of the capital and operating budget estimates.

The Board will consider a report from the Chief containing the first quarterly report for 2018 regarding access to Historical Contact Data. The Board will also consider a report from the Regulated Interactions Review Panel (RIRP) outlining its findings related to the Chief’s report. The Chief’s report has been provided pursuant to the Board’s policy entitled “Regulated Interaction with the Community and the Collection of Identifying Information” which includes a requirement for the Chief to provide to the Board, on a quarterly basis, a public report on requests, approvals, and purpose(s) for access to Historical Contact Data as well as whether or not access fulfilled the purpose(s) for which it was granted. The Board policy also established a panel to review and make recommendations to the Board regarding access. The RIRP report notes that the Board has requested that Justice Michael Tulloch include in his review of the relevant Regulation, an assessment of the issues surrounding the retention of Historical Contact Data, including whether the language in the current Regulation surrounding the retention of and access to such data should be amended. RIRP recommends that upon receipt of a response from Justice Michael Tulloch, the Board review the portion of its Regulated Interaction Policy requiring the retention of Historical Contact Data and, at the conclusion of its review, if the Board deems it essential to retain Historical Contact Data, request that the Chief eliminate operational access to the data. Further, RIRP recommends that pending the Board’s review, the Chief continue to review, on an ongoing basis, the number of individuals assigned to facilitate operational access, with the view of further reducing that number.

The Board will consider a report from the Chief regarding the City Council Toronto Seniors Strategy Version 2.0. At its meeting held on May 22, 23, and 24, 2018, City Council adopted a report from its Executive Committee with respect to this issue. The report included a recommendation that the Toronto Police Service, in collaboration with key partners, will create a seniors-inclusive training curriculum aimed at increasing officer awareness around ageing related issues and increasing officer capacity to connect seniors to appropriate community services. The report refers this report to the Chief of Police for consideration and a report back regarding to what extent these matters are already addressed in the Toronto Police Service programs and strategies partnership and training.

Contact: Sandy Murray

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