OAPSB Presentation at the Standing Committee on Justice Policy

OAPSB Presentation at the Standing Committee on Justice

Dear Members,

Please find attached the presentation we made at Queens Park Thursday February 22, 2018 to the Standing Committee on Justice. Speaking notes can be seen on the ‘notes’ view. Each delegation had only 5 minutes to speak, followed by 9 minutes of questions (3 minutes per party). Needless to say, we needed to be strategic in the way we assessed the Bill (with legal assistance) to briefly represent the membership’s 2016 survey results, additional comments, and overall best interests.

We also met with the Minister. It would appear we are well positioned to influence the four main ‘asks’.

Thanks for everyone’s input, assistance and patience in the 6 year journey to get to this point. Fingers crossed, Bill 175 will become law soon!

Our presentation can be found here.


Eli El-Chantiry, Chair                       Fred Kaustinen, Executive Director