The changes in governance for municipalities policed by the OPP, specifically moving from police services boards to Detachment Boards, has resulted in an unanticipated challenge with obtaining insurance. Some boards have received quotes that are extremely high, and others are required to complete further documentation prior to review by their insurance company.

The specific challenge is that Detachment Boards no longer meet the definition of a local board under the Municipal Act.

Note: If you are a Detachment Board that only has one municipality represented by the board, please do not assume you are covered by the municipality. We are encouraging you to confirm with your municipality if your board will continue to be covered by the municipal insurance. Please note that this is confirmation that all board members will be indemnified under the policy (not just municipal appointments).

AMO has been working with us to find a solution. We are hopeful to have further news on this soon. Our hope is that a new product can be designed specifically for OPP Detachment Boards.

If you have already acquired insurance, please contact and provide the details of your insurance, to help us assist other boards.

Please note: This new product does not prevent you from continuing with insurance you have already obtained on behalf of your detachment board.

Although we are urging you to continue with your appointment process (including police record checks and mandatory roles and responsibility training), we are recommending that no further board meetings take place for your OPP Detachment Board until the insurance issue is resolved and you have confirmed that your board (inclusive of all board members) has insurance.