The “Alignment Gap” refers to the disjuncture that exists in many organizations between what leaders say and advocate for publicly and the actions of organization members. In this era of hyper accountability and the “defund the police” movement, in particular, the alignment gap represents an area that should be of particular concern to police leaders and oversight bodies. 

The webinar will be an overview of the work our presenters have been doing related to strategic planning as well as a discussion of the “alignment gap” in policing. They will discuss examples from their research on how alignment gaps can be addressed in a way that is beneficial for the public, the police organization, frontline officers, and those charged with governance. 

Throughout this webinar, Tarah and Tullio hope to stimulate discussion, so attendees should expect ample time to interact with our presenters and other attendees.

Assessing the ‘Alignment Gap’ in Policing
Through Unit-Level Strategic Planningwith Tullio Caputo, Carleton University & Tarah Hodgkinson, Griffith University (Australia)September 20, 2021, at 7:00 pm EST*REGISTER NOW!

*Please note the unusual time. We wanted to accommodate our attendees as well as Tarah, who is joining us from Australia.