Police Governance in Crisis
Mar 3, 2022 1-3:00 – PM Eastern Time via Zoom

Participants in this special no-cost Roundtable Summit will hear from academics as well as police and governance leadership as they discuss what is going on across the country and where we need to improve. Participants will be given the opportunity to pose questions to our panel at various points throughout the discussion. 

Our end goal of this Summit will be to have advocacy points to bring forward to our provincial associations and to use on the national stage.
Panelists include: Alok MukherjeeChristian LeuprechtAndrew GrahamTullio Caputo Fred KaustinenRoger ChaffinHelpseeker Technologies… with more to come
In order to facilitate a robust conversation from varying points of view, we invite you to forward this invitation to anyone in your circle that may be involved, directly or indirectly, in police governance.