With the Community Safety and Policing Act (CSPA) slated to come into force on April 1, 2024, the OAPSB, PAO, OACP, and OSOPA have partnered to bring together policing partners throughout Ontario to ensure that the information in the Act and associated regulations is known, shared, and discussed.

The conference will highlight key changes to the policing framework, bring together associations, boards, and chiefs of police and feature sessions delivered by industry experts. The conference aims to promote a shared understanding of the CSPA. Particular focus will be paid to the impacts of various changes on police services of various sizes.

Topics to be covered at the CSPA Summit

  • Adequate and Effective Policing and Provision of Police Services
  • Responsibilities of the Board and Chief
  • First Nations Policing
  • Special Constables and Their Employers
  • The Inspector General of Policing
  • Complaints and Misconduct Investigations
  • Discipline, Suspension, and Independent Adjudication
  • Labour Relations
  • The Role of the Minister

Sessions will be led by industry experts and ample opportunity will be provided for questions, discussion, and general networking.

Who Should Attend?

Police Association Executives and Staff, Chiefs of Police and Senior Command, Professional Standards Branch Employees, Special Constable Supervisors, Police Services Board Members and Executive Staff