As per the by-law, each of the following must notify the Board of Directors of their nominee(s) for election at least 45 days prior to the AGM held on May 30, 2023.

(i)        Each Zone shall submit one nominee.

(ii)       The Big 12 (excluding Toronto) shall submit four (4) nominees; and

(iii)       The Toronto Police Services Board each shall submit one nominee.

(iiii)     OPP / Section 10 election of four (4) nominees (election process below. 

(V)       Indigenous / First Nations (1) nominee (can originate from any board in Ontario)

At each such annual meeting, the representatives of the Police Services Boards operating pursuant to Section 10 of the PSA shall select and advise of nominees, one (1) selected by such Board in Zone 1 and one (1) selected by such Board in 1A, one (1) selected by such Boards in Zones 2,3 and one (1) selected by such Boards in Zones 4,5/6.

On May 27, 2022 – that the OAPSB Membership hereby authorizes By-Law Number 1-Section 4.05 be amended to increase the term of office from a one (1) year to a three (3) year term, at the beginning of the 2023 terms of Directors.

THAT the bylaws be updated to include clarification regarding 3-year terms 

·      The First Nations position will be elected in 2023 for a 3-year term 

·      Big 12 starting 2023 for 3-year terms

·      Zone Directors 1A – 6 staring 2024 for 3-year terms 

·      OPP (4 positions) starting 2025 for 3-year terms

Candidates for Director must be a member of a Board in good standing in the current year, and located within and in the zone to be presented.  The candidate need not be present at the time of voting, provided they have provided in writing their consent to stand for election in prior to the voting date.

Directors that have already served a combined total of 12 years or more on the OAPSB Board of Directors are not eligible to further serve as a Director on the Board.

As police board members expected to exercise good judgement at all times, nominees are expected to understand and self-enforce these Director-eligibility criteria.

The nominees are subject to confirmation by the membership present at the AGM.

Please submit nominations no later than April 1, 2023 to Holly Doty at